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Heavy Duty C Clamp

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Heavy Duty G Clamp

Features:? This high quality American style G-clamp is made from high grade iron casting making it suitable for a wide variety of metalworking and woodworking applications.
The spindle has acme threads for a smooth operation and maximum clamping pressure.

Item No. Size (inch) QTY/CTN (pcs) G.W./N.W. Carton Size?????? (cm)
HJ-DC7001 1'' 144 19/18kgs 33X24X11
HJ-DC7002 2'' 60 12/11kgs 24X24X15.5
HJ-DC7003 3'' 48 25/24kgs 46X19X19
HJ-DC7004 4'' 36 22/21kgs 39x22x22
HJ-DC7005 5'' 24 26/25kgs 28x27x25?
HJ-DC7006 6'' 24 32/31kgs 31x28x27
HJ-DC7007 8'' 12 24/23kgs 37x33x16?
HJ-DC7008 10'' 12 30/29kgs 42x36x18?
HJ-DC7009 12'' 6 19/18kgs 47x18x18?