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Bar Clamp, DIN 5117

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German Style Bar Clamp, DIN5117

Features:? DIN5117 bar clamps have steel bars, cast iron jaws and comfortable plastic handle. Easily adjust to make your clamping work easier.

It can be widely used by woodworkers, metal workers, cabinet-makers and homecrafters.

Item No. Size (mm) QTY/CTN (pcs) G.W./N.W. Carton Size (cm)
HJ-DIN3001 50x100 50 17/16kgs 40x24x18
HJ-DIN3002 50x150 50 18/17kgs 40x24x18
HJ-DIN3003 50x200 50 19/18kgs 36x28x18
HJ-DIN3004 50x250 50 20/19kgs 39x32x18
HJ-DIN3005 50x300 50 21/20kgs 40x37x18
HJ-DIN3006 50x400 50 22/21kgs 47x40x18
HJ-DIN3007 50x150x2 25sets 17/16kgs 42x26x18
HJ-DIN3008 50x200x2 25sets 18/17kgs 42x26x18
HJ-DIN3009 60x100 30 13/12kgs 36x18x16
HJ-DIN3010 60x150 30 14/13kgs 36x20x16
HJ-DIN3011 60x200 30 15/14kgs 36x27x16
HJ-DIN3012 60x250 30 16/15kgs 38x36x16
HJ-DIN3013 60x300 30 17/16kgs 36x36x16
HJ-DIN3014 60x350 30 18/17kgs 43x36x16
HJ-DIN3015 60x400 20 14/13kgs 48x24x8
HJ-DIN3016 60x450 20 14.5/13.5kgs 53x24x8
HJ-DIN3017 60x500 20 15/14kgs 58x24x8
HJ-DIN3018 60x600 20 16/15kgs 68x24x8
HJ-DIN3019 80x150 20 16/15kgs 40x27x12.5
HJ-DIN3020 80x200 20 17/16kgs 42x28x12.5
HJ-DIN3021 80x250 20 18/17kgs 42x28x12.5
HJ-DIN3022 80x300 12 11/10kgs 41x17x12.5
HJ-DIN3023 80x400 12 12/11kgs 48x17x12.5
HJ-DIN3024 80x500 12 13/12kgs 58x17x12.5
HJ-DIN3025 80x600 12 14/13kgs 68x17x12.5
HJ-DIN3026 100x200 20 17/16kgs 45x30x15
HJ-DIN3027 100x250 20 18/17kgs 45x30x15
HJ-DIN3028 100x300 20 19/18kgs 45x30x15
HJ-DIN3029 100x350 20 19.5/18.5kgs 45x30x15
HJ-DIN3030 100x400 20 20/19kgs 50x30x15
HJ-DIN3031 100x500 10 14/13kgs 58x14x15
HJ-DIN3032 100x600 10 15/14kgs 68x14x15
HJ-DIN3033 100x800 10 17/16kgs 88x14x15
HJ-DIN3034 100x1000 10 19/18kgs 108x14x15
HJ-DIN3035 120x200 10 15/14kgs 49x16x18.5
HJ-DIN3036 120x250 10 16/15kgs 49x16x18.5
HJ-DIN3037 120x300 10 17/16kgs 49x16x18.5
HJ-DIN3038 120x350 10 18/17kgs 49x16x18.5
HJ-DIN3039 120x400 10 19/18kgs 51x16x18.5
HJ-DIN3040 120x450 6 12/11kgs 56x9.6x18.5
HJ-DIN3041 120x500 6 13/12kgs 61x9.6x18.5
HJ-DIN3042 120x600 6 14/13kgs 71x9.6x18.5
HJ-DIN3043 120x700 6 15/14kgs 81x9.6x18.5
HJ-DIN3044 120x800 6 16/15kgs 91x9.6x18.5
HJ-DIN3045 120x900 6 17/16kgs 101x9.6x18.5
HJ-DIN3046 120x1000 6 18/17kgs 111x9.6x18.5
HJ-DIN3047 120x1200 6 21/20kgs 131x9.6x18.5
HJ-DIN3048 120x1500 4 16/15kgs 161x6.4x18.5
HJ-DIN3049 120x2000 4 20/19kgs 211x6.4x18.5