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Forged Bar Clamp With Plastic Handle

Forged Steel F Clamp,All Steel Bar Clamp, F Clamp, Forged Steel Bar Clamp, Steel Bar Clamp, Steel F Clamp

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Forged Steel F Clamp

Forged Steel Bar Clamp

Features:? Heavy duty forged steel bars, jaws and moveable steel handle for durability.

Easily adjust to make your clamping work easier.

It can be widely used by woodworkers, metal workers, cabinet-makers and homecrafters.

Item No. Size(mm) Bar Size? (mm) PCS/CTN(pcs) G.W./N.W. Carton Size(cm)
HJ-FB6000 80x160 15.5x7.5 30 23/22kgs 43x29x13
HJ-FB6001 80x200 15.5x7.5 30 24/23kgs 43x31x13?
HJ-FB6002 80x250 15.5x7.5 30 25/24kgs 43x35x13
HJ-FB6003 80x300 15.5x7.5 30 26/25kgs 43x38x13
HJ-FB6004 80x400 15.5x7.5 30 28/27kgs 48x38x13
HJ-FB6005 100x200 19x9.5 20 19/18kgs 29x28x14.5?
HJ-FB6006 100x250 19x9.5 20 21/20kgs 32x26.5x14.5
HJ-FB6007 100x300 19x9.5 20 21/20kgs 37x26.5x14.5
HJ-FB6008 100x400 19x9.5 20 22/21kgs 47x26.5x14.5
HJ-FB6009 100x500 19x9.5 20 23/22kgs 57x26.5x14.5
HJ-FB6010 120x200 21.5x10.5 10 10/9kgs 37x17x13
HJ-FB6011 120x250 21.5x10.5 10 11.5/10.5kgs 42x17x13
HJ-FB6012 120x300 21.5x10.5 10 13.5/12.5kgs 48x17x13?
HJ-FB6013 120x400 21.5x10.5 10 16/15kgs 48x17x13
HJ-FB6014 120x500 21.5x10.5 10 17/16kgs 58x17x13
HJ-FB6015 120x600 21.5x10.5 10 19/18kgs 68x17x13
HJ-FB6016 120x800 21.5x10.5 8 18/17kgs 88x17x11?
HJ-FB6017 120x1000 21.5x10.5 8 19/18kgs 108x17x11
HJ-FB6018 120x1200 21.5x10.5 8 21/20kgs 128x17x11