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American Style Bar Clamp

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American Style Bar Clamp

Features:? Regular American style bar clamps have steel bars, cast iron jaws and varnished hardwood handle. Easily adjust to make your clamping work easier.

It can be widely used by woodworkers, metal workers, cabinet-makers and homecrafters.

Item No. Size(inch) QTY/CTN (pcs) G.W./N.W. Carton Size(cm)
HJ-US1001 6” 30 15/14kgs 36x35x11
HJ-US1002 8” 30 18/17kgs 36x35x11
HJ-US1003 10” 30 20/19kgs 40x35x11
HJ-US1004 12” 20 15/14kgs 40x30x11
HJ-US1005 14” 20 15.5/14.5kgs 40x30x11
HJ-US1006 16” 20 16/15kgs 50x30x11
HJ-US1007 18” 20 17/16kgs 55x30x11
HJ-US1008 24” 20 20/19kgs 70x30x11
HJ-US1009 30” 12 14/13kgs 85x18x11
HJ-US1010 36” 12 15/14kgs 100x18x11
HJ-US1011 40” 12 16/15kgs 110x18x11
HJ-US1012 48” 12 17/16kgs 130x18x11